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Indiana Civics Summit Presenter Panels

Successes & Challenges: A Review of the 2023 Indiana Civic Health Index

The 2023 Indiana Civic Health Index has revealed both successes and challenges for Indiana as we move forward.  We notice democracy is fragile and building civic health in important.  The panel will look at ways we are struggling in civic health, like voting registration, and the ways we are succeeding, like philanthropy and volunteerism.

Involving Youth Through Voting & Engagement

This session explores how to involve our youth in civics and community.  Voting is the first and obvious place we think of when it comes to civic engagement.  The 2023 Indiana Civic Health Index shows Indiana is at the bottom of this metric.  But that’s not the only way to engage youth in a civic society, especially as they might not be of voting age or are still finding themselves in the political system.  This panel will discuss ways to involve you through voting and civic engagement.

Educator Roundtable

This session is to have small group discussions with Hoosier educators and community members.  Discussion focuses on what are the needs of civic educators in the state and how can the community support and provide local resources.  Time should be taken to discuss topics of what each party needs and can provide.  Time will be left at the end to share with the full group on discussions within their small group.


Keynote: Importance of Civics, Civic Engagement, & Community

Justice Steven David

Indiana Supreme Court (ret.)

Skill Session: How to Amplify Your Message

There are many civic-minded organizations and individuals who are doing great things in their community, locally and across the state.  These events, programs, and activities have deep impacts on people.  This session explores tips, tricks, and strategies to help organizations and individuals get their messages out to more people so that the stories of great things are received by more people and amplified.