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Indiana Kids Election

Introduction & Registration

The Indiana Bar Foundation (Foundation) is proud to present Indiana Kids Election (IKE).  The goal of IKE is to help students understand the role and importance of voting in our democracy.  It also starts to build the habit of the act of voting, so it is continued into adulthood.

Indiana Kids Election will use the online ballot and voting system through our partners at Kids Voting USA and Doubleclick Democracy. The Foundation thanks Ballotpedia for the candidate photos on our ballot.

Teachers interested in receiving a ballot should complete this registration form.  After registration, the Foundation will send you information on how to share the ballot with your students.


Candidate Information

To get help students become more informed voters, here is information about the candidates they will see on the Indiana Ballot.  Below, find the websites of each candidate to learn about each candidate’s news, policy positions, accomplishments, and endorsements. Please note, these links are not associated with or under the control of the Indiana Bar Foundation.  The Foundation is not responsible for the content of these pages.

U.S. Senate

Indiana Secretary of State

Indiana Treasurer


Indiana State Auditor

Lesson Plans

Our friends at iCivics, a national, nonpartisan, nonprofit working to inspire life-long civic engagement by providing high quality and engaging resources to teachers and students across the nation, has provided online educational games and lesson plans to help teachers and students learn about voting.

Cast Your Vote

Election Day is coming, are your students prepared to vote? In our completely reimagined Cast Your Vote, students will discover what it takes to become an informed voter — from knowing where they stand on important issues to uncovering what they need to know about candidates.

Voting: Will You Do It?  – (Free iCivics registration required to download)

Voting isn’t a requirement, but it is our responsibility and our right. It’s the most direct way that every citizen can influence government, but many citizens just don’t do it. In this lesson, students find out who can vote and the differences in voting by state. They will consider the importance of voting, connect with current issues, and decide for themselves if voting is something they will do.

Voting Matters (Free iCivics registration required to download)

Your students may be too young to register to vote, but it’s never too early to learn about what it takes to get to the ballot!  This activity is a great way to kick off the election season, and promote voter registration in the larger community.  Students will learn about how registration and voting works in their state, and create a flyer to share with someone in their life. National Voter Registration Day is in late September each year, and has a mission of registering voters across the country.

Got Ballot? (Free iCivics registration required to download)

Covering everything from referendums to recalls, this lesson takes students to the voting booth and explains what is on a ballot. Middle and high school students will use this activity to discover how voters have the opportunity to initiate change in state and local government.