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We the People

About We the People

The Citizen and the Constitution is an instructional program for high, middle, and elementary school students which teaches the history and principles of the American constitutional democracy while enhancing students’ understanding of government. Students discover the contemporary relevance of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights at the same time. The program is based on materials developed by the Center for Civic Education and is nationally acclaimed by educators. We the People is aligned to the Indiana Academic Standards for Social Studies and English Language Arts.

We the People has a built-in authentic performance assessment: simulated congressional hearings. The simulated hearings allow students to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of constitutional principles. Students will have the opportunity to evaluate, take, and defend positions on relevant historical and contemporary issues.

The hearing questions for the middle and high state competitions have been released. Please check the competition and showcase information section to download copies.

The Impact of the We the People Program

  • “We the People is a fantastic program for giving students a voice of their own. I love watching them form their own opinions throughout the program and have the opportunity to debate their opinions in a controlled setting. The culminating congressional hearing is a lot of work, but my students love showing off their knowledge. It is frequently a “favorite thing” of their 5th grade year.”

    Molly Bowman

    Aspen Meadow Elementary School

  • “This is the most engaging and effective program related to civic education there is. It is authentic, student centered, rigorous, and rewarding. It will change your teaching career for the better.”

    Tim Sokolowski

    Franklin Central High School, Indianapolis

  • “My students benefit by gaining practical skills, like research, presenting, and group work. Beyond that, and more importantly, they have gained an appreciation of the Constitution that is uncommon. This is one of the most rewarding classes to teach. The competition itself is the best assessment I have experienced for any class that I’ve taught.”

    Kyle Wilson

    Covenant Christian School, Indianapolis

  • “We the People has been a confidence booster for many of my students. It has also benefited them by exposing them to a university campus and meeting influential people from our community. They feel a great sense of pride when they complete it.”

    Christina Maldonado

    Willowcreek Middle School, Portage