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Be a champion of civic education and civil legal assistance through your financial support and make an impact today. Investing in the Foundation means you are positively impacting Hoosiers in many ways. Your support impacts Indiana elementary, middle, and high school students participating in regional and state civic competitions through the We the People and Mock Trial Programs, it enhances the teaching of constitutional history by providing professional development and other teaching tools to educators and increases access to civil legal aid for those unable to afford an attorney to ensure fair representation.

Donation Opportunities

The Foundation values the financial support of the Annual Fund. Please contact Director of Development Kim Berry with any questions.

Annual Fund

The Foundation values the unrestricted gifts supporting the Annual Fund. Please contact Director of Development & Communications Kim Berry with any questions.

Keystone Society

Join our distinguished group of supporters and become a Keystone Society member today.

  • The Partner level – annual donation of $1,000
  • The Counselor level – annual donation of $2,500
  • The Advocate level – annual donation of $5,000
  • The Barrister level – annual donation of $10,000

Timothy J. Abeska
Kenneth J. Allen
Caryn M. Glawe & Adam F. Packer

William G. Barrett
Michele Burtschi
Ann Hyer Buttrey
Kenneth R. Yahne

Scott L. Barnhart
Robert C. Beasley
Thomas Blackburn
James F. Bohrer
Catherine Borkowski
Seamus P. Boyce
Joseph T. Bumbleburg
Eric M. Cavanaugh
Leane English Cerven
Janet K. Chandler
Stephen L. Chapman
Lee C. Christie
Douglas D. Church
Hon. J. Terrence & Peggy Cody
Jeffrey Cooper
Christine A. DeSanctis
Lucy R. Dollens
Amy Noe Dudas
Charles R. Dunlap
Stephen J. Dutton
Larry G. Evans
John F. Gaither, Jr.
Nancy J. Gargula
Peter Francis Geraci
Hon. Nancy L. Gettinger
Robert T. Grand
Sean Griggs
Hon. Grant W. Hawkins
Kandi Hidde
Jennett M. Hill
Richard L. Hill
Steven S. Hoar
John D. Hoover
Boyd Hovde
Drew B. Howk
Suzan Felten Jones
Robert P. Kassing
Michael V. Knight
James & Janice Koday
Richard C. Kraege
Katie Leitch
Greta Roemer Lewis
James M. Lewis
David W. Luhman
Donald R. Lundberg
John R. Maley
Hon. Melissa S. May
John McBride
Linda K. Meier
Kendall Millard
Clayton C. Miller
Jeanne S. Miller
William & Ann Moreau
Judith S. Okenfuss
Alexander P. Orlowski
Jeffrey Peek
Karen Reisinger
Randolph R. Rompola
Hon. Randall T. Shepard & Amy W. MacDonell
Hon. Geoffrey & Julie Slaughter
Marilyn Smith & Andy McSheffery
Andrew Soshnick
Todd Spurgeon
Jeffrey J. Stesiak
Anthony M. Stites
Hon. James R. Sweeney II
Joshua S. Tatum
Hon. Elizabeth Tavitas
Richard J. Thrapp
Patricia Truitt
Vaughn A. Wamsley
Donald W. Ward
Hon. Martha Blood Wentworth
R. Scott Wylie

Planned Giving

Include us in your estate plans and leave a lasting legacy.


Sponsor a Foundation program or event.

Giving through designated and endowed funds

Donors have established several endowed funds that are restricted to mission-centered purposes. These restricted endowed funds support our mission to inspire and lead change to improve civic education and legal assistance for all Hoosiers.

Here is a listing of all Designated and Endowed Funds.

Contact Director of Development & Communications Kim Berry, to discuss how you can support the Foundation.

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