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We the People textbooks are developed by the Center for Civic Education to aid in the teaching of the curriculum. We the People textbooks are available at the elementary, middle, and high school levels, in sets of 30 student books and 1 teacher’s guide per set.

The Center also created online E-Books for each level, perfect for online or hybrid learning or 1:1 teaching. E-books integrate not just the text of the book, but utilize interactive assessments, embedded vocabulary terms, text-to-speech, language translations, and more. Click here for guidance on creating an ActivelyLearn Account and access the sample lessons from the E-Book.  The E-Book is web-based, allowing ease of use on desktop and laptop computers as well as phones and tablets.

The Indiana Bar Foundation will cover the cost of textbooks to Indiana teachers fully involved in the We the People program; including full adoption of the curriculum and participation in the statewide We the People competition. For physical books, schools/teachers need only to cover the cost of shipping of the textbooks ($65/set for elementary and middle school books; $100/set for high school books). There is no cost for e-books.

Complete the online form to order textbooks. Physical books may take 2-3 weeks for arrival to your school. E-books licenses should be issued in 2-3 days. Questions can be directed to Joseph O’Connor ([email protected])

Current editions of each level of book are: