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Dec 21 2022

We the People Schools and Students Share Program Impacts


The Foundation has received correspondence from students with appreciation and personal insight into how much the program means to them. We are proud to share some of the comments.

To the Indiana Bar Foundation,

“This week we competed in Indianapolis in the High School State Finals and it was an amazing experience! From studying the Constitution, current events, politics, American history, government and civics I have learned the importance of participating in politics and engaging in civil discourse. I also learned about public speaking and proper debate, which will prove to be very valuable not only in school, but also in life. Having the opportunity to be a member of my school’s unit 1 team allowed me the chance to get to know and better understand the various political viewpoints and interests of my peers. The experience also allowed me to grow more confident in debating. Your sponsorship helped to make this trip possible and we cannot thank you enough!” – Emily

“Thank you for your donation in support of Castle’s We the People team. From studying the origins of our Constitution in Unit 2, I have learned so much. Through reading the federalist papers, and Madison’s notes, and more, I look at the Constitution in a clearer light. I plan to pursue a career in civics or law, and thanks to We the People, such a path is more clear. Thank you again for having such a wonderful program and for the support.” – Isaac

“I plan to study computer science at Indiana University and I will use my group skills to help further my education. I also hope to use my new public speaking skills for presenting and possible debate activities in the future. My peers and I wanted to write two statements and prepared information for follow-up questions. We became close friends because it took time together to create these statements. These friendships will always be special and I hope to stay close to them and the rest of my class in the future. Thank you again, your sponsorship helped make this trip possible.”  – Andrew

Learn more about the “We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution” program here.